Featured Artist of the Year:Laurel Barbieri

DSC has announced that Laurel Barbieri, a longtime exhibitor, will be the Artist of the Year for Conservation, DSC’s 2016 convention and exposition.

This title given to outstanding wildlife artists who exhibit dedication to conservation, outdoor education and hunting. Typically, these are seasoned, multi-talented wildlife artists who have been exhibiting with DSC for years, and who have supported DSC’s missions and programs with their donations.

The honor includes special promotion for the artist during the show as well as the cover of the Convention issue of Game TrailsMagazine.

An accomplished artist, Laurel is known for her one-of-a-kind “Relief Sculptures”, which bring together the unique art medium she has developed and the organic shapes, colors, and textures she experienced during her formative years. By translating the concept of a carved bas relief into multi-media on Masonite and bringing it alive with acrylics, Laurel has created exquisite works that are heavily textured, filled with movement, and richly colored.

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