2016 President’s Cup Winner

It is in the spirit of celebrating that experience and the joy of hunting that leads us to celebrate the trophies taken in the past year. DSC presents awards to its members once a year. As judged by a panel of DSC experts, prizes are awarded for the best trophies by region, size, species and the hunter’s age group.

To enter, contestants should provide the following:

1. Completed Member Trophy Awards Form for each animal entered. Available on the DSC website under “Awards” from the home page.

2. A field photo, preferably digital, of you with your trophy.

3. $30 entry fee for each animal entered.

4. A score sheet for each animal entered.

5. B&C scores are admissible for North American game.

If the entries are incomplete or not received by the deadline, they will be carried
over to next year’s 

Field photos of the hunter and animal will be displayed in the Trophy Award or Membership area during the convention, and winners
 will be awarded at an upcoming monthly meeting and listed in a subsequent issue of Camp Talk.

Deadline is December 15.

For more details or for questions, contact Crystal Allison

Download Application

General Trophy Awards Application

Download Application