DSC Awards Clay Brewer With First Conservation Trailblazer Award

DSC Awards Clay Brewer With First Conservation Trailblazer Award

Clay Brewer has been selected as the inaugural winner of DSC’s Conservation Trailblazer Award. This award celebrates the immense contribution of wildlife professionals to the field of game and non-game wildlife conservation, including wildlife and habitat management, applied research and policy.

Brewer will be presented the award, plus a $10,000 contribution toward his work in wildlife conservation, at the Feb. 11 evening banquet during the 2021 DSC Convention to be held Feb.11-14. read more…

DOI’s Continued Commitment to Conservation

DOI’s Continued Commitment to Conservation

Funds Approved for Wetland Conservation

The Migratory Bird Conservation Commission, chaired by Secretary Bernhardt, approved more than $130 million in public and private funding for various wetland conservation projects on Sept. 10. The Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and its partners will use the funds to conserve or restore more than 157,000 acres of wetland and associated upland habitats for waterfowl, shorebirds and other birds in 21 states throughout the U.S. Since the Commission’s establishment, over 5.6 million acres have been acquired by fee purchase, easement, or lease with monies from the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund.

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Good News on the State Level: CA, UT, NY

Good News on the State Level: CA, UT, NY

Anti-hunting California Bill Defeated

DSC is pleased to announce that SB 1175 was defeated on Aug. 31 in the California Assembly. Among other things, SB 1175 sought to ban the import of several African species as well as their possession in the state of California. This bill was a gross overstep by Senator Stern and his animal rights supporters, as it benefitted California’s wildlife in no way. Thankfully, SB 1175 died before a concurrence of amendments vote could be taken. DSC proudly worked alongside others to oppose this legislation and stands prepared to engage on all federal and state-level attempts purporting to support wildlife conservation by an import ban.


Utah Ballot Hold Constitutional Right to Hunt and Fish

Utah voters will have several amendments to vote on this year, including one to establish the right to hunt or fish in the state. Passing this amendment would declare hunting and fishing as the preferred way to manage and control wildlife populations. If passed, Utah would join 22 other states in the U.S. in providing constitutional protections for hunting and fishing. The measure would take effect Jan. 1, 2021. House Joint Resolution 15, sponsored by Rep. Casey Snider, was filed in early February and went through Utah’s House and the Senate before making it onto ballots this November.


NY Signs Two Pro-hunting Bills

In late August, two pro-sportsmen’s bills were signed into law in New York. One bill expands the use of rifles for hunting big game within Tompkins County, joining 58 other upstate New York counties that already granted such permission. This bill endured both strong criticism and strong bipartisan support, thus sparking much debate along the way. The other important bill allows certified 4-H instructors to lead the firearms instruction of youth under the age of 16-years-old. Democrat Assembly Member Carrie Woerner was pleased to announce that her bill will “increase the number of qualified shooting instructors in the state and clarify the state’s certification requirements.”

Sources: Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation and Fox13 Salt Lake City

Nominate an Outfitter Today

Nominate an Outfitter Today

Do you know an exceptional outfitter? Show your appreciation by nominating them today for DSC’s Outfitter of the Year Award!

There is a good chance that your outfitter is doing more than just setting up and guiding hunts, and DSC seeks to acknowledge those contributions through this award.

Time is running out as nominations are only accepted through September 30. The winning outfitter receives publicity through official DSC press releases across the industry leading up to convention, recognition on stage at an evening banquet of the annual convention, and the official Outfitter of the Year banner on the show floor. Not to mention, they are recognized year after year as a part of the official Outfitter of the Year winner list. read more…

Dallas Convention Center, Airport, Hotel Facilities Awarded Global Accreditation

Dallas Convention Center, Airport, Hotel Facilities Awarded Global Accreditation

(Sept. 15, 2020 – DALLAS) — Hunters around the nation have postponed their hunts and dream longingly for the days when it is safe to travel once again to favorite destinations. Making plans to visit a hunting show next spring would certainly be a welcome change. DSC, famous for its Texas hospitality, is working hard to ensure that all who attend its annual Convention and Expo, to be held February 11-14, 2021, will feel comfortable, safe and welcome when they arrive.

Dallas is leading the nation by becoming the first destination to seek Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) STAR™ accreditation across its tourism and hospitality industry.

To be worthy of this top-level accreditation, an organization must have a cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention program, proper cleaning protocols, and highly prepared cleaning professionals. Not only have Dallas hotels and the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center (KBHCC) received this top-level rating as sanitary and safe, but the DFW Airport has also been given the thumbs-up, and American Airlines will have its accreditation by the end of 2020.

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NZ Hunting Organizations Express Dismay with Government Tahr Plan

NZ Hunting Organizations Express Dismay with Government Tahr Plan

In late June, various community stakeholders and hunters in New Zealand called for an injunction to stop Department of Conservation’s plan to cull all tahr in New Zealand National Parks. Although the injunction was granted in mid-July, the resulting Tahr Control Operation Plan has not reflected the science-backed policies that were already established in the previous plans. read more…


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