Show Your Appreciation for a Great Hunt

Show Your Appreciation for a Great Hunt

Hunter Appreciation Ads in Convention Game Trails 2022

Each year, DSC members can purchase space in our largest issue of the year in order to show their appreciation for the people who contributed to an exceptional experience. Use this opportunity to brag on a job well done by guides, outfitters, booking agents and trackers. It has been a tough year, so be sure you show your outfitters support with a Hunter Appreciation ad for 2022! read more…

Rethinking Arrow & Broadhead Performance: Article 4

Rethinking Arrow & Broadhead Performance: Article 4

Rethinking Arrow and Broadhead Performance

A NEW Series of Bowhunting Articles by the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation


Article 4: Factor 3 – Arrow Weight Forward of Center (FOC)

Would you like to hunt with arrows and broadheads that give you pass-throughs on big game shot after shot? Would you like to have complete confidence in your arrows and broadheads to give you lethal penetration and reliable kills even if you hit bone? Of course, you would! Every serious bowhunter wants that kind of performance from their setup. Join us for Dr. Ed Ashby’s Top 12 Penetration Enhancement Factors. read more…

President’s Message: September Camp Talk

It’s finally here! It’s really here! What we have all been anxiously waiting for- it is officially hunting season in Texas and other places across North America!


DSC marked the occasion with our annual dove hunt at the Hailey Ranch outside of Abilene, Texas. While the doves were not as plentiful and the heat didn’t provide a break, participants’ excitement to be in the field couldn’t be dampened. Such a fun way to kickoff the months ahead of spending time outdoors. It was nice to see some new faces and the ones who have been coming several years in a row!


Others spent the long Labor Day weekend preparing deer lease camps.  Pictures starting rolling in from the first management deer hunts of the season.  And after being shut down all last season for the pandemic, I was super excited to see some awesome sheep photos coming in from Canada.


Doesn’t it feel good to be outdoors?  There is just something about that first dip in temperatures and the hint of fall in the air to get you excited.  It is the perfect escape from all the craziness of the world around us.  It is such a tremendous opportunity to leave behind the pandemic and the depressing news of the day and get some perspective.  Get back to nature and appreciate the beauty and splendor in the many shapes, sounds, topographies, and bounties that it holds.


This week a memory popped up in my social media feeds of an Asian hunt five years ago.  It was a great reminder of how hunting in many instances takes a team.  From your support team at home (family, friends, booking agents, travel agents, shooting instructors, gun manufacturers) to your team on the ground (outfitters, trackers, skinners, cooks), it often takes a village to make a hunt a success. DSC has a great opportunity for you to recognize part of that team in our Outfitter of the Year award.  If you’ve had an excellent experience on a hunt, I encourage you to go beyond the end of hunt tip to acknowledge their efforts and bring attention to their business.  This is an excellent way for you to say “thank you” for a job well done and pay tribute to the efforts of this critical part of your team. Tell us what makes them stand out and why you would recommend them to a friend! Nominations are due to Sept. 30. Additional details can be found here.


Until next month, get outside, enjoy some fresh (hopefully cooler) air, and appreciate some of the greatness that still exists around us!

Reloading: Bullet Stabilization

Reloading: Bullet Stabilization

Terry Blauwkamp is a seasoned hunter, gun-expert and reloader. He has been to Africa more than 20 times. Terry has been a consistent part of DSC Publications through his reloading column.


Stabilization is a big word for a sometimes-confusing subject that very few people get involved in at all. What it means in shooting is for the bullet to spin fast enough to spiral like a football and keep the point in front, and not wobble in mid-flight. read more…

DSC Northeast Family Archery Event Recap

DSC Northeast Family Archery Event Recap

The DSC Northeast Chapter recently hosted a Family Archery Event on July 17 in partnership with Quinnipiac River Archery Club.

The event was a great success with 18 participants including 10 children under the age of 16.  The event included target shooting at 10 and 20 yards and a 3D course on wooded trails that included several different 3D targets. For 11 of the participants, this was the first time that they had ever used a bow. All participants were successful thanks to the incredible instructors, led by Esteban Pereira, the owner of the archery club. Through this event, DSC Northeast was able to sign up six new members, and solidify a relationship for future archery related events.

read more…

Interview with Corey Goss: DSC Heartland Chapter

Interview with Corey Goss: DSC Heartland Chapter

Fiercely dedicated to getting youth outdoors, Heartland DSC is one of 13 DSC Chapter Partners. This driven group is led by Corey Goss, the Chapter President of 5 years. Recently, DSC had the opportunity to sit down with Corey and hear a little more about this unique chapter and what it’s like as a hunter in Nebraska.


As previously stated, the mission of Heartland DSC is getting youth outdoors. The group is committed to giving kids the opportunity to hunt and fish, while ensuring that the families incur absolutely no costs to do so. Another challenge they embrace is accommodating children with limited mobility. Which is why Heartland DSC purchased an Action Trackchair in 2019 so that all children that want to get outdoors can.

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