Interview with Corey Goss: DSC Heartland Chapter

Interview with Corey Goss: DSC Heartland Chapter

Fiercely dedicated to getting youth outdoors, Heartland DSC is one of 13 DSC Chapter Partners. This driven group is led by Corey Goss, the Chapter President of 5 years. Recently, DSC had the opportunity to sit down with Corey and hear a little more about this unique chapter and what it’s like as a hunter in Nebraska.


As previously stated, the mission of Heartland DSC is getting youth outdoors. The group is committed to giving kids the opportunity to hunt and fish, while ensuring that the families incur absolutely no costs to do so. Another challenge they embrace is accommodating children with limited mobility. Which is why Heartland DSC purchased an Action Trackchair in 2019 so that all children that want to get outdoors can.

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Upcoming Award Deadlines

Upcoming Award Deadlines

DSC has established several award programs to celebrate individuals and organizations who dedicate their time in support of our hunting heritage and science-based wildlife conservation. 

Don’t miss these upcoming deadlines!

1. Aug. 25 – Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award: Dedicated to the late Colin Caruthers who exemplified how children can embrace our hunting heritage at such a young age, this award honors both hunting and civic/leadership achievements in children 18 and under.
2. Aug. 25 – Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award: In honor of Peter Capstick, this award is to bring honor and recognition to an individual, organization or group whose achievements reveal a sustained and significant contribution to the conservation of wildlife and its habitat.
3. Sept. 1 – Conservation Trailblazer Award: this award celebrates the immense contribution of wildlife professionals to the field of game and non-game wildlife conservation, including wildlife and habitat management, applied research and policy.
4. Sept. 30 – Outfitter of the Year Award: This award honors an outfitter who provides an exceptional experience with additional significant efforts in the promotion of ethical hunting, supporting the local community and conservation efforts, and encourages women and youth in the outdoors. read more…

Rethinking Arrow & Broadhead Performance: Article 3

Rethinking Arrow & Broadhead Performance: Article 3

Rethinking Arrow and Broadhead Performance

A NEW Series of Bowhunting Articles by the Ashby Bowhunting Foundation


Article 3: Factor 2 – Flight Quality

Would you like to hunt with arrows and broadheads that give you pass-throughs on big game shot after shot? Would you like to have complete confidence in your arrows and broadheads to give you lethal penetration and reliable kills even if you hit bone? Of course, you would! Every serious bowhunter wants that kind of performance from their setup. Join us for Dr. Ed Ashby’s Top 12 Penetration Enhancement Factors. read more…

A Hot Time in August – President’s Message July Issue

A Hot Time in August – President’s Message July Issue

Welcome to the dog days of summer. The temperatures are on the rise, and so is the excitement for DSC events!


We’re following up the incredible gala for the DSC Foundation with our own event: DSC’s Evening at the Mansion on August 14. I hope that you’ve seen the emails and social media posts about this exciting event, which will include an in-person social with a virtual auction component.

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