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Featured Artist of the Year: Sally Maxwell

Sally Maxwell, a popular, prolific artist and exhibitor at the DSC Convention and Expo, was selected as the Artist of the Year for Legacy 2018. Maxwell’s art is primarily on scratchboard, which produces stunning works depicting the beauty of nature. Her subjects range from wildlife to people, and show a meticulous attention to detail and color through the effects possible with scratchboard.

“The decision to choose Sally as Artist of the Year was an easy one. She and her husband have been with DSC for a long time, and her work has been on the ‘must-have’ list for many of our members,” said Craig Nyhus, DSC President.

Sally began exhibiting and working with Dallas Safari Club in 2004. She has donated many works of art to the Annual Convention auctions, and her images have been featured on the covers of DSC Publications over the years. Sally andhusband George live in La Grange, Texas.

Maxwell will have a special auction item included in the live auction line-up and will have artwork featured on the cover of the Convention issue of Game Trails for 2018.

For more information about Sally, visit www.sallymaxwell.com.

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