Purpose: To recognize outfitters who have continuously given exceptional support to the Dallas Safari Club.

Criteria: Consideration of candidates will be based on the following criteria:

  • Membership in Dallas Safari Club
  • Exhibitor of Dallas Safari Club
  • Promoting of ethical hunting
  • Promotion of women and youth in the outdoors
  • Contributes and donates to the Ladies Luncheon and /or Dallas Safari Club

Who may nominate: Any DSC member in good standing may nominate an outfitter by sending the nomination form to DSC Headquarters by September 30 of any given year. The nominator must have firsthand knowledge and experience with the nominee. Nomination forms may be obtained from DSC office or download the form below.

Committee: The current Ladies Luncheon Chair and Co-Chair; DSC President, President- Elect, Convention Chair and Co Chair. The Ladies Luncheon Chair shall serve as chair of the award committee. Whenever more than one individual carries the title of Convention Chair (or Co-Chair) or Ladies Luncheon Chair (or Co-Chair), that individual is entitled to a single vote. The Executive Director shall be a non-voting member of the Committee, except in the case of a tie. Voting by proxy is not permitted.

Presentation: The award shall be presented to the recipient by the Ladies Luncheon Chair and Co-Chair at the Exhibitor Welcome Party at DSC’s Annual Convention each year in which a recipient is selected.

Award: The recipient shall receive an award to retain and the recipient’s name shall be added to a permanent plaque to the located in DSC office.

Miscellaneous: There can be only one or no winner in any given year. The award will be given only when a qualified recipient has been selected.













DSC’s mission is to ensure the conservation of wildlife

through public engagement, education and advocacy

for well-regulated hunting and sustainable use.



The vision of DSC is a society that values wildlife,

engages in its conservation and understands

and supports the role of well-regulated hunting

in the sustainable use of wild resources.



Every year DSC raises funds through the annual Convention.

These funds go toward grants that directly support our mission of conservation, education and advocacy.

For more on grants, click here.



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