Established in 2015, the DSC Chapter System has steadily grown to 12 strong, healthy chapters. The chapter system was never intended to be source of income for DSC. Instead, its purpose is to spread the DSC mission and message across the country. The chapters are partners, and part of the DSC Family, and are their own entities. Each chapter a separate 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.
Carson Keys is the Chapter Management and Development Coordinator and the direct link between the chapters and DSC, offer pre- and post-banquet counseling, training, and regular email, phone, and even personal visits to your chapter—providing advice and resources, not mandates. Along with the independence, the annual contribution required of chapters is 25 percent of the net of their largest fundraiser while the remaining 75 percent, and 100% of any other funds raised, are the chapter’s own discretionary funds.
If you are interested in starting a chapter, or simply learning more, please call (972) 980-9800, or email


DSC’s mission is to ensure the conservation of wildlife through public engagement, education and advocacy for well-regulated hunting and sustainable use.



The vision of DSC is a society that values wildlife, engages in its conservation and understands and supports the role of well-regulated hunting in the sustainable use of wild resources.