DSC is a non-profit conservation organization funded by hunters.

Its mission statement reads:

DSC’s mission is to ensure the conservation of wildlife through public engagement,

education and advocacy for well-regulated hunting and sustainable use.


All successful candidates must be able to support this mission. DSC’s annual convention is a popular fundraiser, bringing to Dallas thousands of exhibitors, donors, advertisers and attendees. We are known for our family-friendly atmosphere and Texas hospitality. DSC’s staff is small in numbers but hard-working, and supported by an army of member-volunteers. Our customers are the members as well as exhibitors and show visitors.

Duties include working at the annual trade show in early January for the full week, on site and housed at one of the show hotels.


If you would like to submit your resume for DSC to keep on file, please send to info@biggame.org with RESUME in the subject line.


Key qualifications are very strong management and communication skills, including public speaking attributes and an extensive knowledge of international hunting.  DSC seeks applicants from the nonprofit conservation/pro hunting arena as well as successful business people who have substantial international hunting experience.   Please send a resume to DSC at jCowan@dscf.org