DSC funds mission-driven projects, organizations, and programs annually throughout the conservation community: desert bighorn sheep reintroduction and habitat enhancement in Texas; moose, elk, and caribou projects in British Columbia; elephant and lion projects in Africa; anti-poaching efforts abroad and many others.


Through outreach efforts and informational content that introduces shooting and science-based wildlife management to growing demographics, DSC is ensuring a legacy of well-informed future sportsmen, sportswomen and conservationists. DSC funds additional education-based programs to further this part of the mission year-round.


DSC and DSC-PAC have been very successful in defeating legislation that would severely curtail our ability to hunt and negatively affect wildlife and habitat across the globe. By providing action alerts and up-to-date news, DSC equips its members as ambassadors for sustainable use in their community.



DSC’s mission is to ensure the conservation of wildlife

through public engagement, education and advocacy

for well-regulated hunting and sustainable use.



The vision of DSC is a society that values wildlife,

engages in its conservation and understands

and supports the role of well-regulated hunting

in the sustainable use of wild resources.



Every year DSC raises funds through the annual Convention.

These funds go toward grants that directly support our mission of conservation, education and advocacy.

For more on grants, click here.