Hunting’s Role in Pakistan

In Pakistan, the story of trophy hunting and the markhor is regarded as a success. But, poachers continue to threaten that status.

On Dec. 28, a local Pakistani Parks and Wildlife Department caught several poachers with the meat, horns and skin of two flare-horned markhor. The Department and government worked together to prosecute the suspects quickly and set an example for all poachers to reconsider their actions in the future.

The offenders were given two years in prison and total fines reaching $136,000, which is comparable to the cost associated with trophy hunting two markhor.

Many hope that the positive effects from trophy hunting the markhor will be recognized as the country continues the developing National Wildlife Policy. The model could be expanded to several other species in Pakistan. The impressive dedication from the Government in the poaching case is a good sign that trophy hunting could be reflected in the national policy.


Source: Newswise and Daily Times Pakistan

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