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About The DSC Chapter Program

Started in 2015, the DSC Chapter System is strong and steadily growing. In line with the mission of DSC and the DSC Foundation, the overall goal of the chapters is to provide funding for conservation, education, and advocacy projects. Unique to the chapters, though, is the fact they generally take a more local approach and can make an impact where it matters most to them, their backyards.

Annually, chapters contribute 25 percent of the net of their largest fundraiser to DSC and the DSC Foundation. Of this, 20 percent is used for real, boots-on-the-ground conservation projects of the chapter’s choosing. Meaning, our chapters keep or direct 95 percent of the money that they raise to projects of their choosing. Our chapters retain more money than other similar organizations and know exactly where their money goes…because they choose the projects!

The remaining 75 percent is kept by the chapter to do with as they choose. To date, some of these projects include:

  • introducing new hunters to our way of life
  • upgrading game warden equipment
  • water guzzler projects
  • funding 4-H and collegiate shooting sports
  • research projects both here and abroad
  • teaching and funding hunters-ed courses
  • supporting veterans’ hunts/initiatives
  • supporting professional guide and outfitters organizations
  • and funding hunter’s advocacy organizations such as Conservation Force.