Pheasant Hunt with Friends


DSC Conservation Society is engaging young professionals by providing conservation, hunting, fishing, and social opportunities that are directed at our age group (23-45). The annual upland hunt, this year hosted by High Brass Hunting Preserve, is one of numerous benefits of joining DSC as a Conservation Society member.

We had outstanding attendance at our 2016 hunt, held January 15-17, and were excited to have first-time hunters with us. High Brass has exceptional guides who assisted these individuals in proper etiquette and safety. Hunters from all over DFW, as well as Midland and Houston came to Oklahoma for this weekend hunt.

The food served is the kind you dream about at hunt camp – and we don’t have to do anything but enjoy! (That’s not hard to do when you’re eating delicious Chukar legs or pulled pork – definitely 5-star ranch food.)Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 10.28.59 AM

The hunt was just as good. How can you replicate the adrenaline feel when you flush a covey of 10-15 quail or two large cackling pheasant roosters? I have been doing this for years and still get a rush of excitement.

I also enjoyed the time spent with friends new and old. The evenings were filled with jokes and stories around a camp fire – a setting all hunters hold in high regard, as it brings us back to our hunting roots. I highly suggest you try out High Brass Hunting.

The Conservation Society is building strong bonds that will perpetuate DSC long into the future. I am honored to be a part of this great organization.


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