President's Message: September Camp Talk

It’s finally here! It’s really here! What we have all been anxiously waiting for- it is officially hunting season in Texas and other places across North America!


DSC marked the occasion with our annual dove hunt at the Hailey Ranch outside of Abilene, Texas. While the doves were not as plentiful and the heat didn’t provide a break, participants’ excitement to be in the field couldn’t be dampened. Such a fun way to kickoff the months ahead of spending time outdoors. It was nice to see some new faces and the ones who have been coming several years in a row!


Others spent the long Labor Day weekend preparing deer lease camps.  Pictures starting rolling in from the first management deer hunts of the season.  And after being shut down all last season for the pandemic, I was super excited to see some awesome sheep photos coming in from Canada.


Doesn’t it feel good to be outdoors?  There is just something about that first dip in temperatures and the hint of fall in the air to get you excited.  It is the perfect escape from all the craziness of the world around us.  It is such a tremendous opportunity to leave behind the pandemic and the depressing news of the day and get some perspective.  Get back to nature and appreciate the beauty and splendor in the many shapes, sounds, topographies, and bounties that it holds.


This week a memory popped up in my social media feeds of an Asian hunt five years ago.  It was a great reminder of how hunting in many instances takes a team.  From your support team at home (family, friends, booking agents, travel agents, shooting instructors, gun manufacturers) to your team on the ground (outfitters, trackers, skinners, cooks), it often takes a village to make a hunt a success. DSC has a great opportunity for you to recognize part of that team in our Outfitter of the Year award.  If you’ve had an excellent experience on a hunt, I encourage you to go beyond the end of hunt tip to acknowledge their efforts and bring attention to their business.  This is an excellent way for you to say “thank you” for a job well done and pay tribute to the efforts of this critical part of your team. Tell us what makes them stand out and why you would recommend them to a friend! Nominations are due to Sept. 30. Additional details can be found here.


Until next month, get outside, enjoy some fresh (hopefully cooler) air, and appreciate some of the greatness that still exists around us!

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