What’s Worse Than a Grizzly Bear Attack?

Being attacked twice in one day.

Todd Orr became a social media sensation last October as the man who survived two grizzly bear attacks in one morning.

And took a video of himself hiking to his car.

And drove himself to the hospital.

About three miles into his morning hike to scout for elk, Orr encountered a female grizzly and her cubs. At first, they were going in opposite directions, but the sow turned and ran toward Orr. Although he tried to stop the charge with bear spray, she came straight for him. He lay facedown in the dirt, covering his neck as he endured her bites and scratches.

Finally, she backed off and went on her way. With injuries mainly on his head and shoulder, Orr quickly assessed his ability to walk out.

But 10 minutes into his journey back for help, Orr turned to see the sow coming at him again. He resumed the same protective position as before, as the bear slashed at his face, shoulder, and forearm. She eventually left again.

Miraculously, Orr then walked to his car and drove himself to the hospital.

To view Orr’s blog and the video he recorded on his hike out, check out his page here.

For more information on grizzly bears and the specific terms of the hunt ban in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia, keep an eye out for the article in an upcoming issue of Game Trails.

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