Bumpy Road To Grizzly Season

As the grizzly hunt returns in certain areas of Idaho and Wyoming, every step of the way has been scrutinized as we approach the inaugural season.

After 7,000 people applied for the Wyoming hunt permits, the 22 winners have been selected. However, at least one of those winners does not plan to use the permit for hunting. A photographer and author has vowed just to shoot photos with the granted permit. Intentions aside, all winners have to pay the same permit fee.

The hunt is scheduled for September 15 through November 15. The official regulation specifies the quota in designated areas, and if a female is taken in a specific zone, it will signify the end of the hunt.

When news spread about a female bear killed in self-defense recently, several organizations submitted requests to cancel the hunt. Ultimately, the Wyoming Game and Fish Director Scott Talbott remained confident with the set quota, denying their requests.

Sources: NPR and Casper Star Tribune

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