Field Ethos Partners with DSC to Raise $200,000 for Conservation

It was a great night all around for worldwide conservation efforts on Jan. 8 at DSC’s Saturday night Banquet and Auction in Dallas, TX.

The partnership between DSC and Field Ethos, the outdoor media group founded by Donald Trump Jr. and friend Jason Vincent, quickly turned into the highlight of the auction as Don Trump Jr., took to the stage to auction off an Argentina dove hunt for several lucky hunters with Don himself as their host.

The bidding was fast and furious, with two groups keeping pace for the once-in-a-lifetime hunt. That’s when Don stepped in and gave both bidders the chance to head to Argentina, which they accepted. And just like that, $200,000 will go toward funding DSC’s mission of Conservation, Education and Advocacy during the upcoming year.

“We are thrilled with the support of Field Ethos,” said DSC CEO Corey Mason. “Their commitment to conservation, education and advocacy demonstrates what Field Ethos truly believes in as a company and as hunters and conservationists.  They have made a significant difference in the conservation community.”

Field Ethos has quickly become a leader in the outdoor media realm, bringing readers on the global hunt for adventure while chronicling worldwide hunting and fishing exploits, gear reviews, culinary delights, and much more with a passion bordering on obsession.

By creating rich content across platforms in print, online, film, social media and on the Field Ethos podcast, they’re bringing back a forgotten lifestyle to those who refuse to conform.

DSC thanks the Field Ethos team for their unyielding support for our Mission and we encourage our members to check out this valued industry partner by clicking here.

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