Field Ethos Partners with DSC to Raise $200,000 for Conservation

It was a great night all around for worldwide conservation efforts on Jan. 8 at DSC’s Saturday night Banquet and Auction in Dallas, TX. The partnership between DSC and Field Ethos, the outdoor media group founded by Donald Trump Jr. and friend Jason Vincent, quickly turned into the highlight of the auction as Don Trump […]

Is Hunting Conservation?

As you have probably noticed, we heavily promote the idea that hunting is conservation. It seems, to me, to be a concept beyond question. Somewhat surprisingly, there are some within the ranks of hunters, and many from the ranks of anti-hunting ideologues, who dispute the assertion. Similarly, we believe that hunters are conservationists. Again, that […]

Do Feral Dogs Threaten Argali?

Argali are the largest wild sheep on the planet. Inhabiting areas ranging from the Gobi Desert to the Himalayas, these massive mountain ungulates are prized by hunters seeking high adventure. However, a study conducted in the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in Mongolia shows the lowest of predators threatens these great animals.

Anti-Poaching Continues With DSC Grants

Safari operators continue vital anti-poaching work due to Hunters CARE from DSC and DSC Foundation   (Oct. 30, 2020 – DALLAS) — What happens when there is no hunting in Africa due to travel restrictions? Poaching goes on the rise. With no incoming revenue, safari operators cannot pay for the anti-poaching scouts and patrols that protect wildlife. […]

Hunters CARE Update

DSC and the DSC Foundation Hunters CARE (COVID-19 Anti-poaching Relief Effort) is having a profound impact on the ground during some of the most dire and challenging times that wildlife conservation has faced. As poaching increases and hunts continue to be cancelled or postponed, many hunting operators are experiencing significant hardships from the downturn in […]

The Danger of a Sentimental Ban

The Government’s proposal to ban the UK importing and exporting hunting trophies has caused much concern to those of us who live with wild animals and shoulder the financial burden of conserving them and their habitat. If enacted, it won’t just stop British hunters traveling abroad for a legal licensed hunt in another country – […]

True Meaning of Hunting: Presentation to EU Parliament

[box] Presentation given in front of EU Parliament in Brussels by Past President of NAPHA (Namibia Professional Hunting Association) and renowned fellow hunter Kai-Uwe Denker. It expresses what hunting means to those to know it and and important service to the public good.[/box] Read the full speech below.

Habitat For Rhino – Robin Hurt Namibia Update

[box] The latest news from Habitat For Rhino – Robin Hurt Namibia April 2020[/box] The good news is that we have received 74 mm (2.5 inches) of rain during the last 3 months. It has enabled us to stop the daily rations delivery to the Rhinos, but we do need more downpours before Winter sets […]