Make Your Voice Heard


I usually don’t mention politics but this year’s presidential election in the U.S. will affect the future of hunting and gun ownership more than I can ever remember. I encourage everyone to have their voice heard by the power of voting. I’m not just talking about the election in November, but all over the world and in all situations where you have the ability to vote people into a position that will help your mission.

I don’t think most of us realize how much participation it takes at all levels to get things you want accomplished. If you really believe in your cause, you must take action to ensure its success. This applies to all levels of each organization. When you have the chance to vote on board members, officers and other leaders in your specific organization, please think long and hard about who will fight for your rights and get involved and make it happen. The only way you succeed and win these battles we have is to speak up and make your voice matter.

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