Rule Change for International Travel With Firearms

DALLAS – U.S. hunters and sport shooters could be impacted by newly implemented rules on temporarily exporting firearms and ammunition.

DSC volunteers encountered the change last week and alerted DSC contacts in Washington D.C., who are now working with the National Rifle Association (NRA) and other concerned groups to work through the new procedures.

The NRA has posted a status report here.

In a nutshell, an individual traveling internationally with a firearm was required to visit a Customs office and complete a Customs Form 4457. This process proved that the individual owned the firearm prior to going abroad. The form was presented upon return to the U.S., thus protecting the individual from paying import duties. In 2012, the State Department quietly changed the rule and is now, apparently, beginning to enforce the change. Individuals now are required to declare firearms through an online process designed for use by businesses.

In addition to unexpected hassles for travelers, the larger concern is that the new procedure may create a federal registry of gun ownership.

Much remains unclear about the new rules, their intent, enforcement and application in various travel scenarios. DSC is working with the NRA and other partners for clarifications and fixes.

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