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Sunday Hunting Expands in Delaware

New bill addresses deer herd’s agricultural damage

Last Wednesday, Delaware Governor John Carney expanded hunting opportunities in the state by eliminating restrictions on private land deer hunting on Sundays.

The law, Senate Bill 198, also increases hunting on public lands by granting the Delaware Department of Natural Recourses and Environmental Control (DNREC) authority to regulate additional Sunday hunting opportunities on public lands throughout the state.

In 2016, the strict Sunday hunting restrictions were lifted, and specific Sundays were designated for hunting on private and DNREC-regulated public lands. However, it only allotted certain Sundays that fell in muzzleloader and shotgun deer hunting seasons. The new bill expands the law to include select archery Sundays as well.

Besides expanding hunting opportunities, the new bill also looks to address the damage deer herds have inflicted on Delaware farms. Governor Carney is focused on eliminating some of these costly consequences to protect farms and preserve hunting heritage.

Source: Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation

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