Upcoming Award Deadlines

DSC has established several award programs to celebrate individuals and organizations who dedicate their time in support of our hunting heritage and science-based wildlife conservation. 

Don’t miss these upcoming deadlines!

1. Aug. 25 – Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award: Dedicated to the late Colin Caruthers who exemplified how children can embrace our hunting heritage at such a young age, this award honors both hunting and civic/leadership achievements in children 18 and under.
2. Aug. 25 – Peter Hathaway Capstick Hunting Heritage Award: In honor of Peter Capstick, this award is to bring honor and recognition to an individual, organization or group whose achievements reveal a sustained and significant contribution to the conservation of wildlife and its habitat.
3. Sept. 1 – Conservation Trailblazer Award: this award celebrates the immense contribution of wildlife professionals to the field of game and non-game wildlife conservation, including wildlife and habitat management, applied research and policy.
4. Sept. 30 – Outfitter of the Year Award: This award honors an outfitter who provides an exceptional experience with additional significant efforts in the promotion of ethical hunting, supporting the local community and conservation efforts, and encourages women and youth in the outdoors.


If an exceptional outfitter or conservationist came to mind while you were reading about these awards, do consider nominating them. Click the link for each award page above or email DSC Award Coordinator Karrie Meadows at Karrie@biggame.org.



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