DSC recognizes the importance of introducing children to the joys of hunting and preservation of our hunting heritage. 


DSC established the Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award in January 1991, to honor our young member hunters for significant hunting accomplishments. The DSC Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award (OHAA) Committee established the Award criteria for this award. Originally the award was presented as the “Loving Cup” by Tommy and Patricia Caruthers in February 1991.


The award nomination ballot is broken down into two major categories, hunting accomplishments and leadership and civic participation. The OHAA Committee has designed a point classification system for all the game animals of the world, as well as a classification of leadership and civic participation points for conservation, academic and social accomplishments, for use with this award (see full list below).

Youth must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • Nominated by at least two members of DSC
  • Completed minimum requirements for both portions of the ballot (100 points in the hunting achievement section and 25 points in the leadership and civic participation portion)
  • Completed accomplishments prior to their 18th birthday or graduation from High School
    Participated in one of the following: a minimum of two international hunts (excluding hunts to Mexico and Canada), or four major North American hunts outside of their resident state, or at least one qualifying international hunt and two major North American hunts outside their resident state.


The award will be presented at a banquet during the annual DSC Convention.


  • The award consists of a Bronze Award on a walnut pedestal.
  • The award may not be presented to the same individual more than once.
  • The award will only be presented when there is a qualified recipient.