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2019 Dixie Yeatts Award of Excellence – Bob Drinjak


To recognize those individuals who have continuously given extraordinary time and effort for the betterment of Dallas Safari Club.


Recipient(s) must have volunteered an extraordinary amount of time to help DSC on a continuous basis over a period exceeding three years.


The Immediate Past President, President, President-Elect, Immediate Past Convention Chair or Co-Chair, Current Convention Chair or Co-Chair, and Executive Director shall serve as a Committee to select the winner or winners of the award in any given year. The President shall serve as Chair of the Committee.


The award shall be presented by the President at one of the banquets at DSC’s Annual Convention each year in which there is a recipient selected. The winner will not be announced until the time of the presentation.


The recipient shall receive a plaque to retain and the recipient’s name shall be added to a permanent plaque to be located in DSC office.


There can be more than one or no winner in any given year. The award will only be given when a proper recipient has been selected.

In 2016, the Award of Excellence was renamed the Dixie Yeatts Award of Excellence.

Awards have been presented to the following persons:

1998 Dorothy Flagg2009 Jerry Peterman
1999 Judy Rhodes2010 Frank Sweeney
2000 Lucy Blachly2011 Bill Swisher
2001 Barbara Franklin2012 Christine Bond & Karen Wolfe
2002 Mike & Phyllis Billings2013 John Eads
2003 Patti Roberson2014 David Hood & Tommy Humphries
2004 Richard Allen & Tommy Caruthers2015 Jerry Mumfrey
2005 Stan Newding2016 Scott Tobermann
2006 Jimmy Boy Watson2017 John Patterson
2007 Ben Carter2018 Richard Cheatham
2008 Dixie Yeatts2019 Bob Drinjak