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2019 Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award – Grant Stepan

DSC’s Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award Committee (OHAA) established the Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award in January 1991, to honor our young member hunters for significant hunting accomplishments.

DSC is dedicated to three primary goals – the promotion of worthwhile conservation efforts, outdoor education programs directed toward our youth, and the preservation of hunters’ rights. This fine organization recognizes the importance of introducing our children to the joys of hunting and preservation of our hunting heritage. This award not only recognizes the individual youth, but also encourages them to strive for the very principles so basic to DSC.

The award will only be presented when there is a qualified recipient and the OHAA committee reserves the right to not present the award in any given year. The award is presented at the annual convention and will consist of a Bronze Award on a walnut pedestal.

(Originally the Award was presented as a “Loving Cup” by Tommy and Patricia Caruthers in February 1991.)

For details on the criteria and selection process, consult the Resource Guide or call the DSC office, (972) 980-9800.


25 Points20 Points15 Points
NA Muskox
NA Sheep
NA Brown Bear
NA Grizzly Bear
NA Polar Bear
African Buffalo
Mountain Nyala
Giant Eland
Giant Forest Hog
All Asian Sheep
All Asian Ibex
All Asian Tahr
All Asian Bear
NA Mountain Goat
Lesser Kudu
Nubian Ibex
* Special African Antelope,
Gazelle and Forest
SA Puma
SA Brocket Deer
SP Water Buffalo
SP Banteng
SP Sambar
SP Hog Deer
All Asian Chamois
All European Ibex
European Bear
NA Wolf
NA Cougar
NA Wolverine
NA Lynx
Forest Duiker
SA Wht Lip Peccary
All Asian Deer
All Asian Gazelle
Asian Moose
Asian Wapiti
Asian Wolf
Asian Wolverine
European Chamois
10 Points5 Points*Special African Antelope,
Gazelle and Forest Duiker
NA Black Bear
NA Elk
NA Bison
NA Moose
NA Caribou
NA Mule Deer
NA Blacktail Deer
NA Coues Deer
Greater Kudu
Pygmy Antelope
Bush Duiker
Dik Dik
All African Introduced Exotics
All Other SA Game Incl. Exotics
All Other SP Game Incl. Exotics
NA Pronghorn
NA Whitetail Deer
NA Peccary
NA Bobcat
African Wild Pig
All Introduced Exotics in NA
Nagor Reedbuck
Soemmering Gazelle
Royal Antelope
Bates Pygmy Antelope
All Central & Western African
Forest Duiker
Note: Leadership and civic participation points are cumulative, therefore, an officer in the High School Student Council would receive 10 points for membership in the Student Council and 5 additional points for being an elected officer.
20 Points15 Points
Class Valedictorian
Class Salutatorian
National Merit Scholar
Eagle Scout
High School Class President
Member of National Honor Society
Academic Top Ten of Class
20 Points5 Points
Member of Student Council
Captain of UIL Sanctioned Sport Team
Captain of UIL Sanctioned Drill Team
ROTC Class Leader
Drum Major or UIL Sanctioned Band
Academic Top Quarter of Class
DSC Youth Member
NRA Youth Member
Member of Recognized Conservation Group
Member of ROTC
Member of UIL Sanctioned Sport Team
Member of UIL Sanctioned School Band
Member of UIL Sanctioned School Activity
Member of Academic Social Club
Officer in UIL Sanctioned Sport/Activity
Officer in Student Council
Officer in Academic Social Club
Varsity Letter in UIL Sanctioned Sport

The Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award has been presented to the following members:

Mr. G. Kelly-Kines Taylor – 1991
Mr. Matt Busiek – 1992
Mr. Scott Daniel Duncan – 1999
Mr. David Niederer – 2000
Mr. Chase Carmody – 2001
Mr. William Campbell – 2003
Mr. Colt Power – 2004
Mr. John Newton Walker Jr. – 2005
Mr. Luis H. Salinas Valdez Jr. – 2006
Ms. Brady Phillips – 2007
Miss Alyse Madeline Roan – 2008
Mr. Nick Hopmann – 2009
Mr. Chase Phillips – 2010
Miss Rachel Wayne – 2011
Mr. Zachary Wade and
Mr. Jess Alford IV – 2012 (Co-winners)
Miss Grace Gardiner and
Mr. Johnny Hattner – 2013 (Co-winners)
Miss Lauren Chilton, Mr. Levi Chilton & Mr. Colton Wayne – 2014
Mr. Henry Rathjen & Mr. Charlie Beecroft – 2015
Mr. Garrett Davidson & Mr. Tucker Ribman – 2016
Mr. Dalton Findley & Mr. Cole Findley – 2017
Mr. Cooper Ribman – 2018
Mr. Grant Stepan- 2019