Membership Dues Structure

Sponsor Member

  • *See Note

Spouse Sponsor Member

  • *See Note

Life Sponsor Member

  • Special Payment Plan Available

Life Spousal Member

  • Special Payment Plan Available

Professional Member

  • Licensed PH/ Guide or Outfitter

Associate Member

  • *See Note

Youth Member

  • Age 23 and Under

Corporate Member

  • 5 Designees
* Note: Individuals living in the counties of Dallas, Tarrant, Rockwall, Denton,
Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, Hunt and Van Zandt must join as sponsor or spouse sponsor members. Individuals living outside of those counties may choose their membership affiliation. (Voting privileges are afforded to Sponsor, Sponsor Spousal, Life Sponsor and Life Sponsor Spousal members ONLY.)

Special Payment Plan for Life Members

A 12-month payment option plan is available for Life Sponsor and Life Spouse Sponsor members. The plan is as follows:

  • Life Sponsor Only – 12 payments of $125.00
  • Life Sponsor & Life Spouse Sponsor – 12 payments of $150.00

Contact our staff at (972) 980-9800 for further details.

Benefits of Membership

In addition to enjoying the camaraderie of one of the finest sporting organizations in the world, when you join Dallas Safari Club you will be amongst friends who share your outdoor passion and interests while receiving the following benefits:

As a member of Dallas Safari Club, you receive all of the above benefits while supporting the Club’s mission of conserving wildlife, educating people and promoting the rights and interests of hunters worldwide.

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