2021 Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award Winner Announced

(Nov. 11, 2020 – DALLAS) — The DSC Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award (OHAA) committee has selected Stephen H. Miller as the 2021 award recipient. Miller will be presented the prestigious award at the DSC Convention and Expo, Reflections, during the Saturday evening banquet on Feb. 13, 2021.


Miller with wife Yvonne and his Abyssinian Kudu

The OHAA is given solely for outstanding achievements in the finite area of big game hunting. As of 2020, the award has been renamed in honor of the late Dr. Bob “Doc” Speegle. Speegle was instrumental in the foundation of the award and then admirably served as the OHAA Chair for 36 years. Also the longtime head of the Weatherby Selection Committee, Speegle did much to establish ethical standards for international big game hunting as well. He was a leader, a hero, a true icon, and above all, a passionate hunter. The award dedication is a way to honor his life’s work every year.



OHAA Chair Tom Montgomery said, “The OHAA Committee is delighted to honor Stephen H. Miller with this achievement. Steve is the kind of hunter that never stopped the pursuit of his goal. His determination and drive have served him well, and he is very deserving of this award. After spending countless days in the field, he now stands in good company as an OHAA recipient.”


Miller said, “I am deeply honored by DSC giving meaning to these efforts and accomplishments, and to the OHHA committee for deeming them worthy of this prestigious award.”


There are several criteria acceptable for this award, such as the collection of the North American 29, the DSC African Grand Slam and the completion of any 12 of the sheep of the world.


Miller qualified with the collection of 23 spiral horned animals of Africa, of which 21 are record class, and by completing the DSC African Grand Slam with 106 animals, of which 91 are record class.


Miller says he got a late start as a hunter and took his first hunting trip to Africa in 1999.


“Little did I know or even imagine at age 48 how significant that first big-game adventure would be in changing my life,” Miller said. In the last 20 years, he has taken 39 international hunting trips, including 30 African safaris.


Miller says he’s indebted to all those who served as mentors and advisors along the journey.


“Most importantly, I’m grateful to my wife and life partner of 42 years and counting,” he said. “Yvonne’s devotion, love, patience and understanding have allowed me to pursue my passion, sometimes at great sacrifice to her own goals.”


Miller continues to use his education and hunting experiences to teach others about the relationship between hunting and wildlife conservation.


“I believe it is our duty as stewards of the world’s wild things to do everything we can to preserve and protect our hunting heritage for future generations.”

OHAA award winner Stephen Miller with a nice Mountain Nyla.


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