2019 Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award Winner Announced

The Outstanding Hunting Achievement Award (OHAA) committee has selected Rick Warren as the 2019 award recipient. Warren will be presented the prestigious award at the DSC Convention and Expo, Mogambo: Dagga Boy Danger, during the Saturday evening banquet on Jan. 19, 2019.
The OHAA is given solely for outstanding achievements in the finite area of big game hunting. 
“DSC is honored to name Rick as a member of this select group of hunters that continue to inspire others on their personal hunting quests,” DSC Executive Director Corey Mason said.
Wilson Stout, OHAA chair, said, “Since 1981, this award has acknowledged distinguished individuals. Rick joins the 39 accomplished hunters with this prestigious title, all of whom become an important part of DSC history.”
There are several criteria acceptable for this award, such as the collection of the North American 29, the DSC African Grand Slam and the completion of any 12 of the sheep of the world.
This year’s award winner, Rick Warren, is four-way qualified with many additional accomplishments to recognize. Warren has hunted around the globe to meet criteria such as Buffalo of the World, 10 total species of which 10 are record class. He has taken 164 different African species and is the 6th person to ever collect all of the spiral-horned antelope of Africa (2015). Warren completed the Ovis World Slam (2016), the Capra World Slam (2017) and the Super Slam-North America 29 (2018). He accomplished all of these impressive feats during just nine years of international hunting. In addition, Warren has 14 entries in the Boone and Crocket record book and holds Safari Club International world records for handgun (3), shotgun (2) and crossbow (1).
To watch Warren receive this prestigious award during the Saturday evening banquet, register here.
For more information, visit www.biggame.org.

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