2019 Weatherby Winner Announced

Congratulations to the 2019 Weatherby Award winner Jose Madrazo of Salamanca, Spain who has collected 390 different species on nearly 450 hunts for big game.
Madrazo, or “Pepe” as he is known in the hunting world, has been hunting since the age of ten and has not stopped. As he says, for his love of hunting, there is no retirement.
He started hunting with his father, mother and relatives at his family estate, and it never stopped growing from there. His passion has always been to hunt in the mountains. Starting in his native country with ibex and chamois and then climbing the mountains of the world, Madrazo has collected 40 different species of sheep, including 11 different argalis and 39 different species of capra. In total, he has taken 106 mountain animals, among them are 11 subspecies of Marco Polo, all subspecies of ibex, all subspecies of chamois, the two different species of takin, the Serow and the Goral.
Pepe’s collection of more than 390 different species of animals is the result of 185 international safaris, visiting 61 countries and more than 190 provinces or states across five continents.
Among his achievements are the Conklin Award, the Culminum Magister Award, the Ovis Award, the Pantheon Award, the SCI World Hunting Award, the SCI Hunting & Conservation Award, the SCI World Hunting Award Ring, the SCI President Award, and the Spanish Royal Club of “Monteros” Hunting Personality Award, and he was a proud finalist for the Caldesi Award.
Madrazo practiced forty years as a lawyer. He has published several books and also has written 92 articles on hunting and conservation published in different Spanish hunting magazines. He has and continues to dedicate time and effort to educational and nature conservation projects.

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