Animal Attacks

The Cute, the Comical and the Deadly

Human-wildlife encounters flood news outlets around the world almost every day. Wild animals attack unsuspecting pets in the backyard, havoc breaks out at a wildlife park or dangerous animals attack villagers in Africa. One week, someone may spot a dangerous animal doing something cute, but the next week, that animal could be the cause of fatal injuries.

  • In Thailand, monks at the Wat Luang Phor Lamai Temple allow tourists to feed bears that they keep in enclosures. One man teased a bear with some food, but in response, the bear brutally pulled the man himself down into the enclosure. The rest of the visitors tried to divert the bear’s attention as the animal tore at the man’s flesh and dragged him around the enclosure. Eventually, friends pulled the man out of the enclosure after another person hit the bear with a pole. The man was hospitalized with severe injuries.
  • Sometimes, animal encounters border on the comical. In Australia, a kangaroo attacked a woman on a golf course. She had tried to divert the animal after it appeared to seek out another golfer. Protecting herself with the 7-iron, the kangaroo was able to reach her after she tripped. The unfortunate encounter left her with six stiches before she could be released from the hospital.

While the following didn’t end with a hospital visit, either of these encounters could have gone wrong at any moment.

  • A group of people floating down the Missouri River briefly saw an animal in the water with them. An otter ended up deflating one tube and biting a floater without any major injuries.
  • Hikers on a trail in California recorded a mountain lion staring back at them. Eventually the mountain lion retreated and the hikers continued on.

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