Bass Pro Shops Response to a Misunderstanding of Sharing Hunting Photos

Below is Bass Pro Shops’ response to the recent claim on social media that pro staffers were asked not to post photos of their hunts in Africa. 

Bass Pro Shop’s and Cabelas is steadfast in our support of hunting, which is a critical conservation tool for saving species in Africa and around the world. Our profound commitment is reflected through our decades of strong support for the conservation efforts of Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International and throughout our stores, sponsored television shows, ambassadors and partnerships. Despite a recent misunderstanding causing some confusion on social media, we fully encourage our pro team members to share photos from their hunts and adventures around the world to help us promote legal and responsible hunting and a shared love of the outdoors.

Thank you,

Jack Wlezien

DSC is proud to recognize Bass Pro Shops & Cabela’s as a Diamond level sponsor for the 2019 Convention, Mogambo: Dagga Boy Danger. For more information on Bass Pro Shops at

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