Bobcat Hunt Denied, Mountain Lion Hunt Proposed

Earlier this month, the Indiana Natural Resources Commission voted unanimously to withdraw a proposal that would have authorized a bobcat hunting season.

With sightings and road deaths becoming more frequent, many sportsmen pushed for a change in regulations to allow them to hunt and trap bobcats. However, the proposed statewide quota, limited open counties, and individual bag limits were not enough to convince the opposition that the hunt would not drive bobcats back on the endangered species list.

Neighboring states Michigan and Kentucky already have seasons and quotas for bobcats, but it looks like another year without one in Indiana.

While one state reverses hunting proposals, another one is taking steps to approve a hunt for the first time since 2014.

Nebraska Game Commission looks to resume mountain lion hunting for the second season in state history. The first hunt was in 2014, but a high number of roadkill in 2015 and lack of research for population numbers has led to delays ever since. The 2019 proposed season would be January to February with a quota of only eight mountain lions and a maximum of four females.

Sources: Perry County News and Omaha World-Herald

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