California Action Alert: SB 252 The Bear Protection Act

UPDATE: As of February 1, the Senator is no longer moving forward with the bill. Thank you to all who reached out on this conservation issue.

Senator Scott Wiener of California introduced SB 252, “The Bear Protection Act,” on Jan. 25. This bill is sponsored by the Humane Society and seeks to ban the hunting and trapping of black bears in California.

Currently, the black bear population in California have reached their highest levels in decades. This bill would designate black bears as a nongame species and remove hunting and trapping as a management tool for the state.

DSC has sent in a comment to be heard by the legislature, and you should speak up too!

For California Residents:
Click here to find your state representative and contact them. In addition to contacting your representative, leave a comment here. Input from CA residents absolutely hold weight, so please, urge every sportsman and woman you know to do the same.

For Non-Residents:
Click here to leave your comment. Don’t be discouraged about comments from CA residents carrying more weight, the Senators will notice an influx of comments. Getting their attention is exactly what we need!

When you leave a comment you will have to register, but you do not need to be a California resident to do so. If you have any trouble contact the DSC office, and we will be here to assist.

One last note, please remain professional and courteous when leaving your comments/contacting your representative.

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