Larry’s Blog: Planning

It may be Spring, and your thoughts are upon calling in a gobbler, hunting black bear, or if you’re truly fortunate heading to the southern hemisphere in search of big game adventures.  Those indeed are fun and truly worthwhile.  Even if those are, or are not, in your immediate future, I have got a feeling […]

Larry’s Blog: The Copper Sky

“Not unlike the shine and hue of a newly minted penny!” came the voice from beneath a worn and worn well brown felt hat. “Spect there’s a harsh wind blowing across the western plains. Likely will be getting here about near dark about the time Venus makes her appearance,” said he pointing to the west. […]

Meanwhile Back in West Texas

I was glassing 13 bucks gathered around the “deer feeder.” A buck with extremely darkly stained hocks from his tarsal glands to his ankles, indicating maturity, had already shed his antlers.  The other twelve were 8 to 10 points, likely two- to four-year-olds. Yes…I was hunting from a raised deer blind watching a feed pen […]

Larry’s Blog – Evolution …

Well not really evolution…unless one accepts the definition as “the process of developing.” Then yes, there is evolution, staring at age 6 and evolving to my present age where deer rifles and hunting guns are concerned. I started trying to convince my dad to let me sit by myself hunting deer when I was five. […]

Larry’s Blog – Last Minute

Years ago, back when I was hunting a lot with an inline muzzleloader, a Knight MK85, thanks to the rifle’s creator, Tony Knight, I often got to hunt the Iowa Late Muzzleloader season which extended nearly into the middle of January. During those years using Tony’s creation, shooting 250-grain Hornady SST sabots propelled by 100-grains […]

Revisiting an Earlier Time

“Daddy, can I borrow you .30-30 this afternoon, if I get the animals fed and still have time to hunt before dark?” “If there’s time!” he replied. We were in the cattle, hog and chicken business, had our own beef and pork feedlots, and usually 10,000 or more chickens. Back then I was pretty much […]

Something Old … Something New!

I recently queried Phil Massaro, the editor of GUNS DIGEST, about an article regarding some of the rifles, shotguns, handguns and muzzleloaders I have used over the past 70 years hunting whitetail deer and other big game.  Graciously he consented to let me do so! I have been fortunate to have written an article or […]

An Old Friend and Something New

“Jim, we need to plan a whitetail hunt for this fall. Are you interested in coming back to Texas?” I asked thinking I already knew the answer. Jim, as in Jim Bequette, former editor of SHOOTING TIMES and long with numerous other high quality publications owned by Outdoor Sportsman Group and their television shows, was […]

Pressure and Persistence

It was the last few days of the 2022/2023 whitetail deer season. Thankfully Texas’ Managed Land Deer Permit (MLDP) allows hunting deer until the last day of February on properties based on their approved management program.  I was tremendously thankful Corey Mason, the Executive Director/CEO of DSC, had mentioned the lease he and his father […]

Larry’s Blog – When a Plan Comes Together

“If you can shoot like that when we see a big you just might be able to hit the entire deer!” chided my guide, Johnnie Hudman, who also happens a very dear old friend. I tried my best to ignore his comments, but doing so was impossible. “See if you can hit that house-sized boulder […]