He Wore Gray Velvet

It had been a long day.  It started two hours before first light and continued to a few minutes nigh of midnight, the third of such rather lengthy days. Lack of sleep, coupled with many hours of “windshield time” was starting to take its toll. For two days I had been conducting night-time spotlight deer […]

Pronghorn Basics 2

“He’s just off the property, on State land! Too bad he’s probably fifteen and a half or better, plus he’s got long prongs, better than five inches. Let’s leave and not make him too nervous.  Hopefully he’ll come back this way.  He appears to be looking at those five does on the ridge back on […]


The day had been a good one.  All in camp had seen elk.  A few bulls were still bugling. One six-by-six was down, and would be packed out of the mountains in the morrow, after being hung to cool high in a pine.  Supper had been delicious, resplendent with cherry and blueberry pies for dessert.  […]


Blog by Larry Weishuhn “Let her run. She’ll soon stop, mouth the bait a bit and then take off again. Sometimes they’ll do that two or three times before trying to swallow the bait. Most people try to set the hook too early when they’re simply holding the bait in their mouth,” said guide Chris […]

EP: 180 Larry is on “Deer Talk Now” with Dan Schmidt

In years past Larry served as the Southwest Field Editor for “Deer & Deer Hunting” magazine a position he truly enjoyed. During his tenure there he wrote the now classic book “Hunting Mature Buck” and co-authored “Southern Deer & Deer Hunting” book with Bill Bynum. in this episode Larry visits with “Deer & Deer Hunting’s” […]

Doing it Right!

“You’re welcome to bring any Mossberg firearm,” said Linda Powell. “It’s going to be a baited hunt; the distance will be short. All their baits and blinds are no more than 20 yards apart.”  Before I could respond, “I’m planning on taking my .450 Bushmaster, Patriot Predator, 16.25-inch barrel. I’ve used it with great success […]

Mule Deer Realities

For the most part I am truly pleased to have been born when I was, but with one small caveat; I wish I could have started hunting mule deer earlier than I was able to.  I shot my first mule deer shortly after graduating from Texas A&M University. Growing up in rural Texas in the […]

Narrowing the Gap

My Mossberg Patriot Predator 7mm PRC, mounted with a Trijicon AccuPoint 4-16×50 scope, and sighted-in “dead on” at 50 yards with Hornady’s Precision Hunter 175-grain ELD-X was now ready my upcoming Alberta, Canada black bear hunt.  I shot it several times at ranges out to 200 yards, just in case we spotted that color phase […]

Aoudad Are Not Easy

“Stowe your gear and change into whatever clothing you want to hunt in. Brandon and Chris are down at the rifle range making certain his 7mm PRC Mossberg rifle is properly sighted in. Soon as they get back, we’ll head to the canyons.” Said Craig Archer when I arrived at his Double A Outfitting camp. […]

Calling Adventures and Misadventures

“Southeastern Oklahoma should expect five to seven inches of wet snow over the next twenty-four hours,” spoke the TV weatherman. Outside, the January winter’s night wind foretold of the coming “white stuff”!  Inside the Choctaw Hunting Lodge’s headquarters, we enjoyed a most delicious supper, fried blue quail, then later planned the next day’s hunt in […]