Do Feral Dogs Threaten Argali?

Argali are the largest wild sheep on the planet. Inhabiting areas ranging from the Gobi Desert to the Himalayas, these massive mountain ungulates are prized by hunters seeking high adventure. However, a study conducted in the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve in Mongolia shows the lowest of predators threatens these great animals.

Scientists Call for Shift in Global Food System, Not Wildlife Trade Ban

The coronavirus pandemic has brought new attention onto wildlife trade and markets. But, the concerns are not only that a wildlife market ban would be costly to both people and wildlife, but also that the true driver of the emergence of infectious diseases is being completely overlooked. A new study in World Development Journal recognizes […]

Potential California Ban on Alligator and Crocodile Products Threatens Conservation

California is the only state that intends to prohibit the sale of alligator or crocodile products under an out-dated Penal Code. The ban’s origin dates back to 1967 when there was concern that the American alligator and other species of crocodiles were at risk of extinction. California responded with a law to protect the animal that included […]

Act Now: New Zealand Tahr Facing Immediate Eradication

The New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC) is moving towards the culling of all Tahr in the New Zealand National Parks if an injunction does not come into effect. This overreach by the New Zealand DOC will effectively end recreational Tahr hunting. This will dramatically impact the New Zealand economy as well as the wildlife biodiversity within the […]

DSC Joins Forces with PERC

DSC and the Property and Environment Research Center (PERC) signed a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), formalizing their partnership to further conservation efforts. The goal of the MOU is to advance the missions of DSC and PERC through collaboration, communication and interaction between the two organizations.

Creative Ways to Spend the Days

At press time, Dallas, as are many other places right now, is in a declared state of emergency. With schools closed, hobbies halted, and traveling restricted, here are a few suggestions of new things to try.