Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award

2024 Winner: Caroline Sample

DSC is proud to announce Caroline Sample as this year’s Colin Caruthers Young Hunter Award winner.

Caroline grew up deer hunting with her family on their farm in Louisiana.  It was from this early introduction to hunting and the role it plays in conservation from her parents that Caroline got her hunting career started. And what an impressive career already.

“Ever since I was born, my dad has taken me hunting,” Caroline said. “My family taught me to shoot when I was six and I just grew up around it.”

Caroline started by deer hunting on the family farm with a few exotics in Texas. Trips to New Mexico, South Africa, New Zealand and Spain followed.

“The New Zealand hunt was really cool,” she said. “It was winter over there, so it was really nice to get out of the summer heat in Louisiana. It’s such a neat country.”

While there, Caroline hunted and took a red stag, fallow deer, Tahr, chamois and a ram. South African animals taken include impala, springbok, zebra, gemsbok and blesbok.

While in Spain last November, Caroline added to her collection with a mouflon, boar and Rhonda ibex.

When Caroline got the call from DSC CEO Corey Mason letting her know she had won this year’s award, she was thrilled.

“I was really excited, “she said. “I have applied the last couple of years so it was really great to win this year.”

When she isn’t hunting and spending time outdoors, Caroline is getting ready to attend college in the next few years. She’s toured the University of Georgia, Clemson, Auburn, Alabama and LSU so far.

The award is named for the late Colin Caruthers, an avid hunter and wildlife enthusiast from an early age. Colin spent countless hours at DSC thanks to his parents, longtime DSC Life Members Tommy and Pat Caruthers who have been integral to the development of outdoor education programs for DSC. Colin thrived on the camaraderie of the hunting lease and enjoyed learning from other hunters. DSC honors this young hunter’s devotion to hunting and conservation through this award.


The Young Hunter Award seeks to honor DSC youth members who are actively involved in both their hunting journey and local community. As in the past, the application allows young men and women to share their hunting and shooting experience, their hobbies and extra-curricular activities and academic accomplishments.


If you are a DSC youth member, DSC encourages you to take a look at the new application and consider applying! Everyone has a unique hunting and conservation journey to share.

Email applications to by September 1.


The award shall be presented to the recipient during an evening banquet at DSC’s Annual Convention each year in which a recipient is selected.