Core-Vens Insurance: A Different Kind of Gun Safety

You might spend $10,000, $15,000 or even $20,000 to go on safari to that long-dreamed-of destination, and you take your trusted rifle with you. A fine gun might have set you back a little bit too – some of the dream guns at the DSC show can go for tens of thousands of dollars. Or maybe you are carrying that vintage gun that you paid $500, your hard-earned dollars, and you now have a strong sentiment for that gun. Have you been collecting guns that are now worth than purchase price, and a great deal more in sentimental value?

Why risk losing everything by not insuring your firearms? Core-Vens provides affordable policies and peace of mind. In the event of damage or theft, while travelling or on your premises, a Core-Vens policy is a wise investment.

Core-Vens Insurance has been providing coverage for Hunters and Shooting Sportsmen since 1987. Our program provides coverage while your guns are at your residence or described premises, in transit or shipping, and all other locations. Worldwide coverage provides protection for your overseas hunting trips. This program concentrates on hunters and shooting sportsmen who have quality guns in their collection.

DSC members receive additional coverage of $10,000 for miscellaneous equipment and personal property, while on safari. (Jewelry not included.) Annual premiums start at $350. Isn’t that a small price to pay for those firearms that you take such good care of? Click here

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