Damaging Legislation Surfaces in California

An alert for conservationists in California: SB 1175 and AB 3030 are two pieces of legislation making rounds in local government. Call your representatives today and urge them to support legal, regulated hunting and vote no on these bills.

Dear DSC members in California,

California is currently considering two very damaging pieces of legislation that would have negative conservation consequences in California and abroad. SB 1175 is another attempt by the California legislature to ban the import of sport-hunted trophies into the state of California. Many recall that similar legislation was vetoed by Governor Brown in 2018 for its illegality under federal and California law. The importance of legal, regulated hunting is lost on those congresspeople in support of the bill. There has been zero engagement with the wildlife authorities and communities charged with promoting conservation efforts in their country.

Additionally, AB 3030 is another damaging piece of legislation, which (on the surface) purports to protect at least 30 percent of land areas and waters within California and 30 percent of the ocean waters off the coast. However, the loosely-worded nature of the bill makes it clear that this is a preservationist attempt with the potential to close access to hunting and fishing areas. We urge you, our conservation partners in California, to contact your respective congresspeople in opposition to both bills.

Below are links to documents prepared by DSC and Congressional Sportsmen’s’ Foundation (along with other important conservation partners) related to the two pieces of legislation.


Corey Mason
DSC, Executive Director

Matt Boguslawski
DSC, Manager of Advocacy


Click Here to Contact Your Representative


Click Here to Read Response Regarding SB 1175


Click Here to Read Response Regarding AB 3030

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