DSC Chapter Network Growing Fast!

The DSC Chapter Network, now just barely three years old, has added three new chapters in the last couple of months. DSC Oklahoma, DSC Texas Panhandle and the East Texas Sportsman’s Club, aka DSC East Texas, have come on board, bringing the total number of chapters to 11.

Boasting nearly 150 members, DSC Oklahoma will service the entire state of Oklahoma. With its experienced and energetic board, the chapter will move the mission of DSC forward in a big way.

Recently, the chapter brought in television producer, hunter and host of DSC’s “Tracks Across Africa,” Dave Fulson, to speak to an enthusiastic crowd about leopard hunting with a fabulous video presentation. The new chapter has a mission “of bringing hunters together from around the state to educate and inform the local public of the benefit that regulated hunting and fishing bring to wildlife,” according to DSC Chapter President Zach Neher. New members are joining this amazing chapter weekly.

The Texas Panhandle Chapter was chartered, bringing in a seasoned and dedicated group of hunters from the Texas Panhandle, who all appreciate the value of hunting and conservation. The chapter has already scheduled its first fundraising banquet for February 9, 2019, with the aim of raising funds to do a variety of local projects in keeping with the chapter’s mission.

DSC Texas Panhandle Chapter President Brandon Boyles is completing the chapter’s website and other key organizational tasks as members meet and discuss the values they will bring to not only their community, but to DSC overall. Chapter members already have a list of projects to fund.

Most recently, DSC has chartered the East Texas Sportsman’s Club as its 11th chapter. Boasting a group full of experience and passion for protecting hunters’ rights and conservation, the East Texas folks are ready to make an impact. DSC Chapter President Bill Gandy and his wife, Barbara, are leading the charge there and have recruited a host of younger members who are getting involved.

“If we are to be successful in passing along this most precious resource of hunting to our children, we must get them involved so they can learn all about the challenges we face and how to deal with them,” Gandy said.

This chapter will serve the entire eastern part of Texas and has already met several times.

DSC embarked on this chapter system to spread the reach and mission of the organization across the U.S., and it’s working. The word is now out about DSC Chapters, which truly become part of the DSC family. DSC gets daily inquiries about how to charter a chapter, and will soon be welcoming several more.


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