DSC Northeast Family Archery Event Recap

The DSC Northeast Chapter recently hosted a Family Archery Event on July 17 in partnership with Quinnipiac River Archery Club.

The event was a great success with 18 participants including 10 children under the age of 16.  The event included target shooting at 10 and 20 yards and a 3D course on wooded trails that included several different 3D targets. For 11 of the participants, this was the first time that they had ever used a bow. All participants were successful thanks to the incredible instructors, led by Esteban Pereira, the owner of the archery club. Through this event, DSC Northeast was able to sign up six new members, and solidify a relationship for future archery related events.

[box] If anyone is interested in attending future events hosted by DSC Northeast or working with DSC Northeast on hosting an outdoor event, please contact the Chapter at Contact@DSCNORTHEAST.ORG.[/box]




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