DSC Statement on Illegal Lion Hunt in Zimbabwe

DALLAS – A Zimbabwean landowner and a professional hunter are facing charges for the poaching of a collared lion outside of Hwange National Park. Their client from the U.S. could also face charges if investigators find he was a knowing accomplice in the crime. DSC abhors poaching, commends the swift enforcement efforts of Zimbabwean authorities and supports prosecution of convicted poachers to the fullest extent of the law.

DSC encourages the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to conduct additional investigations into possible violations of American wildlife laws.

Finally, DSC also supports the Safari Operators Association of Zimbabwe in actions against its members who violate wildlife laws. Lawful, ethical, vigilant hunters play an important role in public acceptance of sustainable hunting as a vital tool for modern wildlife conservation and management.

None of the individuals or safari companies implicated in this incident are affiliated with DSC. DSC works with government authorities and professional hunting associations, and enforces its own code of conduct, to ensure its members and convention exhibitors are in good standing.

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