DSC Welcomes Airline’s Reversal on Trophy Transport


DALLAS – South African Airways (SAA) has reversed an embargo prohibiting transport of rhino, elephant, lion and tiger trophies on the carrier’s services worldwide. 
The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) was a leader in the negotiations, and DSC is applauding the organization’s success.

DSC and PHASA work together under their Preferred Partners in Conservation agreement.

“Congratulations to PHASA. This is good news for all hunters visiting Africa,” said Ben Carter, DSC executive director. “SAA announced its embargo in April. Since then, PHASA and the South African Department of Environmental Affairs have been working to help the airline understand how the embargo ran counter to the South African government’s policy of sustainable utilization of natural resources.”

Sustainable use hunting is critical to the country’s economy and conservation programs.

Adri Kitshoff, chief executive of PHASA, 

expressed appreciation for the help PHASA received to intervene in the matter. She’s hopeful that other airlines and shipping lines that have refused to transport hunting trophies will follow SAA’s lead.

Kitshoff said, “There is a clear distinction between illegal wildlife products, such as poached rhino horn or ivory, and legitimate hunting trophies. The export of trophies is strictly regulated by both the country of origin, the country of import and, where applicable, CITES.”



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