Fast Facts & Trivia: First Round

Time for some fast facts and trivia!

  1. Which animal can run faster: a white-tailed deer or an African warthog?

Answer: White-tailed deer

But the race would be closer than you might think. The African warthog has relatively long legs compared to the height of its body, which allows them to run at speeds up to 30 mph. A whitetail also runs at 30 mph, but can sprint for short periods over 40 mph, which gives them the upper hand in this race.

Sources: QDMA and National Geographic

2. Which animal has a better sense of smell: a hyena or an African elephant?

Answer: African Elephant

While it is difficult to compare the sensory systems of different species because they all work in unique ways, a study found that elephants have the most genes for olfactory purposes out of any mammal, with over 2,000. Elephants have the ability to smell water up to 12 miles away, which is key to their survival in the dry African landscapes, especially when faced with droughts and sporadic water sources. In general, the hyena has a great sense of smell too though, detecting carrion, one of their food sources, over two miles away with the right wind. Combined with their strong hearing skills that recognize the sounds of other predators closing in on prey, they can detect their food source up to 6 miles away.

Sources: Kruger ParkHyena Facts, and National Geographic

3. What was the first “named” DSC Convention that took place in 1981?

Answer: Year of the Bear

Every year since, the annual convention has had a different title. The 2021 Convention is titled Reflections. We look forward to seeing you there in January 2021.

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