Fast Facts & Trivia: Round Three

Time for some fast facts and trivia!


Question 1. Which animal does NOT have multiple stomach chambers?






Raccoon. Deer and buffalo are ruminants, their stomachs have four chambers instead of one. The ruminant name comes from the largest of the four chambers, the rumen.

Hippos are pseudo-ruminants and have 3 chambers. Raccoons are monogastric, with one stomach chamber, just like humans.


Question 2. Which has the longest intestine compared to its body length?






Sheep. Sheep’s intestine is 23 times its body length, orangutan is 10 times, kangaroo is  10 times and a bear is 8 times. In general ruminants and herbivores have the longest intestines to allow the plant cell materials to be digested.



Question 3. How much can a polar bear’s stomach hold? (Average percent of body weight)

20 percent

14 percent

8 percent

6 percent


20. A polar bear’s stomach can hold up to 20 percent of its mass. If the average polar bear male weighs 950 pounds, that means the stomach can hold up to 190 pounds of meat.


Question 4. Which land mammal has the most teeth?

Eastern Grey Squirrel

Red Fox

Giant Armadillo



Giant Armadillo. The Giant armadillo has 80-100 teeth. Eastern Grey Squirrel has 22 permanent teeth, the bobcat has 28, and the red fox has 42. While not technically in the digestive system, digestion start with the mouth.

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