Good News for Rhinos, Bad News for Poachers

The number of rhinos illegally killed by poachers in South Africa decreased in 2017.

Records revealed that the number is down from 1,054 in 2016.

On another positive note, the conviction rate for poaching cases also increased up to 21% this year.

However, the number of incidents remains high with 1,028 poached rhinos.

The government and many other conservation groups recognize that much work still needs to be done. South Africa is also experiencing an increase in elephant poaching incidents.

The challenge lies in the need of a solution that is not only universal and reliable for all species and regions, but also cost-effective. Both science and creativity have been tapped in the search for an answer.

In recent years, there have been monetary increases by the government in anti-poaching programs, grant money from institutions like DSC; training and education investments for rangers; and scientific advances with technology. Check out more about the politics and solutions for poaching in Africa on the DSC NewsCenter.

Source: National Geographic and ZimToday News

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