Grants in Action: 1,000 Students to Receive Hot Lunches

DSC Foundation supplied a grant for the Olosiva Lunch Program, which ensures that 1,000 students at the Olosiva School in Tanzania receive hot lunch every day of the school year. For some students, this simple benefit could be the motivation to stay in school. Since the inception of the program in 2002, over 100 more students have enrolled in the school.

The organization receiving the grant, Friedkin Conservation Fund, was established to conserve the 6.1 million acres of Tanzania’s protected wildlife areas. In order to achieve this, they operate anti-poaching operations working closely with the Wildlife Division of Tanzania. They also sponsor innovative community development projects and work with maps and research to support the anti-poaching initiative.


Grants are approved and funded by DSC Foundation, from funds received from DSC, DSC chapters, DSC Foundation events, and individual tax deductible donations. Visit

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