Habitat For Rhino – Robin Hurt Namibia Update

[box] The latest news from Habitat For Rhino – Robin Hurt Namibia April 2020[/box]

The good news is that we have received 74 mm (2.5 inches) of rain during the last 3 months. It has enabled us to stop the daily rations delivery to the Rhinos, but we do need more downpours before Winter sets in. If we don’t get more rain, we will end up in another drought situation. 😕. The rhinos are scattered now. The Game Guards have their work cut out for them, searching for  each rhino in all corners of their wilderness habitat. Robin and I were on Viewing Hill yesterday evening, and we saw Kirby walking and grazing through the veld. Big Daddy has banished him from his group, which is normal alpha male behavior.

Crowding at our Rocky House feeder during the drought.  And a celebration evening photo when the river ran past the house for a few hours after a downpour.


In February, we were pleased to host a team from James Purdey and Sons London, including photographers, models and hair&make up specialist. This was a fashion shoot for their Purdeys Spring Collection. They all worked extremely hard, and we believe the result has been a magnificent collection of photos. We enjoyed hosting them all; it was fascinating! Here is a collage giving an idea of how it went. Please contact Purdeys on their website to see their collection.  www.purdey.com **Photo credits for Collage 2:  Sarah Farnsworth and Adam Godley.**



In this time of Corona Virus, we hope and pray for everyone’s safety and well-being. We feel privileged to isolate in this wonderful environment, but very concerned for those that struggle with poverty in Namibia.


Best wishes to each and everyone of you reading this news update, and all your families and friends.

Outjo and Bodacious

Pauline, Robin et al




















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