Hunt Report: Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe Hunt with Desfountain Safaris

Easily the best hunt I have been on – Mike Brodner, new DSC Member

Hunt dates: April 12-26, 2021

Area hunted: Save Valley Conservancy in Zimbabwe

Guide: Donza Desfountain of Desfountain Safaris

Species: Cape buffalo, eland, nyala, waterbuck, wildebeest, zebra

Mike won this hunt at a DSC Auction and would absolutely recommend a similar one to a friend.

Mike gives the guide, camp, food, amenities and accommodations all top marks for quality.



“The Save Valley Conservancy is truly one of the wildest and most beautiful hunting areas. True Africa Bush. You had to work to find the animals while hunting, but that, to me, is far more rewarding. The people, the camp, and the food were five-star all the way. I really liked one million acres with no fences. We saw both black and white rhinos up close in the wild. Lion, elephant, giraffe were everywhere. The Cape buffalo was my first. Things could have gotten ‘interesting,’ but luckily we saw him before he saw us.”



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