Hunters CARE Update

DSC and the DSC Foundation Hunters CARE (COVID-19 Anti-poaching Relief Effort) is having a profound impact on the ground during some of the most dire and challenging times that wildlife conservation has faced. As poaching increases and hunts continue to be cancelled or postponed, many hunting operators are experiencing significant hardships from the downturn in available funding for critical anti-poaching efforts.

To date, DSC has approved 26 grants and DSCF has approved an additional 13 for a total of 39 grants. Grants made by the Hunters CARE program have provided anti-poaching protection covering an area of nearly 23 million acres across 9 African countries. These funds have allowed recipients to keep more than 440 people employed and in the field providing valuable anti-poaching services.

DSC and the DSC Foundation are very proud of this initiative and the impact that it is having on our partners, members, and exhibitors. We look forward to keeping the momentum moving forward.

If you would like to support this initiative please click the button below. 100 percent of your donation will be disbursed for anti-poaching projects selected by DSCF or to an anti-poaching program designated by you. Your donation may be tax deductible.


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Desfountain Safaris talks about the impact of the DSC Hunters CARE program for outfitters in Africa.

Hear how the DSC Hunters CARE program is keeping community projects alive for Mbalabala Safaris in Zimbabwe.

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