Hunters Save Missing Man’s Life

What do you remember the most about your first hunt?

Spending time with a loved one? The crisp, cool air? The feel of the rifle stock?

What about saving a man’s life?

For one young child in New Zealand, that certainly describes his first hunting experience.

An elderly man had been reported missing by his daughter after he did not return home from a trip. As it turns out, he was battling hypothermia in an area outside of cell phone reception. He was lost on a narrow winding road. Luckily for him, hunters occasionally frequent the remote Rangitata River area.

A group out for a hunt spotted something strange while using thermal imaging goggles early one morning. Once they realized it was a man in trouble, they were happy to bring him to safety, warming the feeble man in their car to warm up as they drove to a phone.

After the man was airlifted to the hospital, the group returned to resume their hunt.

Now that is a first hunt to remember.

Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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