Hunting News: Growing Populations Means New Hunt Seasons

The North Fork area of Wyoming could see its first-ever bison hunt this fall, with a proposed 2 permits for in-state residents and 1 for out-of-state.

Based on the available resources, traffic issues, and chance for livestock interactions, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department looks for a maximum of 15 bison to migrate out of Yellowstone National Park and settle into the North Fork area. Currently, there are 18 bison and a general population trend of 10- to 17-percent increase annually inside the park.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department worries about spillover into developed areas where the bison could harm both humans and their property. A hunt will help keep numbers at the manageable amount for that land, which is also considered the area’s carrying capacity.

There are two other places where bison hunting is permitted in Wyoming, and tags for those areas are often in high demand.

Some hunt supporters want the hunt delayed another year in hopes that a larger herd would allow for more permits to be available next year.


Source: Yellowstone Public Radio

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